Swing 360°

EAN-CODE 6 417511 400467

The swinging new innovation

Swing 360° snow rake is a versatile tool designed to clear snow from steps, patios, and pathways. Although designed especially for removing snow, Swing 360° is also useful for other purposes. It can be used for land leveling, foundation work and gardening. It is also convenient for harvesting, especially collecting apples or other fruits from under the trees without breaking them. Dusty premises such as construction sites and animal shelters can be cleaned with a rake without dust rising into the air unlike when brooming. The user-oriented design enables an ergonomic working posture and a good grip on the product. The oval-shaped handle and shaft with grip coating sit firmly in the palm enabling rotation movement without having to squeeze hard.

The innovative mechanism enables the blade to rotate 360 degrees. The angled, rotating blade brings the product versatility by offering a new kind of dimension. The angled blade makes working easy by both pushing and pulling. The rotation creates an enhanced user experience and makes reaching steps, corners and other tight places easy. With the blade turned 180 degrees, the Swing 360° is handy for dropping snow from roofs.

Swing 360° is made of partially recycled materials. The aluminum handle is made of recycled aluminum and the handle from recycled plastic. The blade is made of frost-resistant plastic to ensure durability and longevity. Swing 360° is designed in a way that allows the components to be repaired and replaced if necessary. All the components are available as spare parts. 

Height (h)
Length (l) 1680
Working width (w) 450 (lasta)
Weight (kg) 1