Masi Light snow scoop

EAN-CODE 6 417 511 500 082

The capacity and lightness of the scoop make it a suitable tool for all ages, and the Ergo handle ensures a comfortable and ergonomic working posture.

The snow scoop is an optimal solution for clearing small piles of snow, which makes it a great tool for small yards. Due to its light weight, the product is also suitable for children and seniors. Masi Light snow scoop is a high-quality Finnish product. The UV-resistant thermoformed scoop is made of frost-proof high-density polyethylene and has a non-stick surface. Working width: 72cm, handle diameter: 22mm, edge steel reinforcement: 1.5mm.

Height (h) 860
Length (l) 1370
Working width (w) 720
Weight (kg) 4,7