Masi Nova Max

EAN-CODE 6417511400108

Finnish design at its best.  Masi Nova Max is a pioneer in its field in terms of its quality and features.

Masi Nova Max is a lightweight snow scoop that is easy to use and carry. The snow scoop is designed for heavy use and harsh winter conditions. The snow scoop has a thick and curved handle that ensures an ergonomic working posture. The large scoop with a metal edge slides easily over the snow and makes it easy to push even heavy wet snow.

Masi Nova Max is a unique product both in terms of quality and features. The backboard has a patented double-reinforcement, and the 75cm wide HDPE plastic scoop allows you to clear large amounts of snow at once. The front edge of the scoop has a 1.5mm steel reinforcement. The 25mm thick Ergo handle ensures a good and comfortable grip. The scoop also has a carry handle.

Height (h)
Length (l) 1500
Working width (w) 770
Weight (kg) 5,0